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Video Event | The Strength of Democracies: The Atlantic Relationship During COVID-19

Video Event | The Strength of Democracies: The Atlantic Relationship During COVID-19

Please be advised: This event will be premiering at 12:00 p.m. EDT, Monday, May 18. You may view this event on Hudson’s website at or after its premiere time on this event page.

The COVID-19 crisis has revealed strengths and flaws in the ability of democracies to manage global crises.

On the one hand, South Korea and Taiwan have shown how social media and closely monitoring public health data can be used as forces for good. These transparent actions stand in contrast to China, which has used coercive means to manage its citizens’ response to the pandemic and has silenced criticism of the regime. Moreover, China’s efforts to construct a health “silk road” of medical supplies and personnel to countries hardest hit by COVID-19 backfired when it was discovered that many supplies were flawed and that equipment China publicized as humanitarian aid was bought by recipient countries at a high cost.

China has also exploited international institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO) to legitimize its crisis management. The U.S. has temporarily withdrawn funds from the WHO, pending an investigation into how it may be legitimizing Chinese propaganda.

Join Hudson Institute for a discussion on what democracies can do to bolster democratic principles and push back against authoritarian attempts to exploit COVID-19 for their illicit advantage.


Sven Biscop

Director, Europe in the World Programme, Egmont–Royal Institute for International Relations

Liselotte Odgaard

Visiting Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

David Shullman

Senior Advisor, International Republican Institute

Nadia Schadlow

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

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