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Video Event | Can Europe Deter Chinese and Russian Aggression?

Video Event | Can Europe Deter Chinese and Russian Aggression?

This event will premiere on this page at 12:00 p.m. EDT, Tuesday, July 28.

As the United States courts European allies to join a unified effort to counter the economic and national security threats of an increasingly aggressive China, Europe is faced with how to best defend its own interests instead of walking in lockstep with the United States.
Meanwhile, President Trump announced a U.S. troop reduction in Germany and there are fresh concerns about future Russian aggression.

Can Europe still rely on the bulwark North Atlantic Treaty Organization at a time of mounting challenges? Should European states begin considering strategic autonomy policies? France’s approach to strategic autonomy as a means of protecting Europe’s ability to decide and act freely in an interdependent world is gaining traction but what does European strategic autonomy involve? Do European states agree on the purpose of strategic autonomy and how could it influence Europe’s place and power in shaping world affairs?

Please join foreign policy experts from the United States, France, and Sweden who will address these questions and more. Hudson Visiting Senior Fellow Liselotte Odgaard will moderate the conversation.


Nicolas Bauquet

Research Director, Institut Montaigne

Peter Rough

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Mats Engman

Distinguished Military Fellow, Institute for Security and Development Policy

Liselotte Odgaard

Visiting Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Hudson Experts