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Video Event | 5G Leadership – the IP Side of the Story

Video Event | 5G Leadership – the IP Side of the Story

Please be advised: This event will premiere LIVE on this page at 12:00 p.m. EDT, Friday, December 11.

Join Hudson Institute for an expert panel discussion on 5G technological leadership. The conversation will be moderated by Senior Fellow, Urška Petrovčič.

5G will not be merely a marginal improvement over the previous generations of cellular standards but will instead bring what many have called the “next industrial revolution.” When discussing leadership in the 5G standard, commentators often rely on a simple method — counting the number of patents that each company owns. But is counting the number of patents a reliable methodology to identify the companies that have made the most valuable contributions to the development of the 5G standard? What does the economic theory teach us about patent counting? Is the use of a more accurate methodology desirable from a public policy perspective? Our speakers will address these and other questions.


David Teece

Professor, UC-Berkeley; Chairman and Principal Executive Officer, Berkeley Research Group

Kirti Gupta

Vice President, Technology & Economic Strategy, Qualcomm Inc.

Jon Putnam

Principal, Competition Dynamics, Inc.

Urška Petrovčič

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

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