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Virtual Event | Thinking the Unthinkable Part II: What if Putin Wins in Ukraine?

Virtual Event | Thinking the Unthinkable Part II: What if Putin Wins in Ukraine?

This event will premiere on this page LIVE at 12:00 p.m. EDT, Tuesday, June 21. Register for the event here.

Even as the Russian military faces fierce Ukrainian resistance in the Donbas, Putin is consolidating gains across 20 percent of the embattled nation. More troubling, Putin’s eyes remain focused on the prize: Odessa, the other Southwest ports, and key littorals into the Black Sea. Odessa, which is under blockade from the Russian Navy, likely will emerge as the decisive fight in the Russian-Ukrainian campaign. The United States and allies must provide immediate support to the Ukrainian military to defend Odesa and protect Mykolaiv from a Russian onslaught, the strategic gateway from Kherson into the Southwest. If Putin seizes the south and eastern Ukraine he will control the Russian and Ukrainian wheat, food oil, and fuel export infrastructure. With 25 percent of the world’s grain exports under his sway, Putin will likely feel emboldened. Additionally, Putin has significantly profited from the energy price turmoil that he has produced, supporting his belief that he is winning the economic war against the West.

Join Hudson experts for a discussion on stopping the Russian offensive, reversing gains, and the strategic implications of a potential Putin victory in Ukraine.


David Asher

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Rebeccah L. Heinrichs

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

William Schneider

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Bryan Clark

Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Defense Concepts and Technology, Hudson Institute


Kenneth R. Weinstein

Walter P. Stern Distinguished Fellow, Hudson Institute

Hudson Experts