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Social Unrest and Political Instability in Venezuela

During the past week, the turmoil in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, and Algeria may bring about significant changes in the political landscape of the Arab world. The protests and violence may result in fundamental changes as well as in repercussions for the U.S. and allies in the region and beyond.

Significantly, the possible downfall of some of the region’s longest-standing rulers could have ramifications as far as the Western hemisphere, where public unrest continues to grow in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. Will the public see the situation in Egypt and Yemen as the impetus to move against Chavez’s regime? Will Chavez preemptively crack down further on opposition in light of the continued riots thousands of miles away?

The Center for Latin American Studies held a discussion of these and other questions featuring a distinguished panel of experts.

Ambassador Jaime Daremblum Moderator

Hudson Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Latin American Studies

Pedro Burelli Panelist

Managing Partner, B&V Consulting

Carl Meacham Panelist

Senior Staff, Senate Foreign Relations Committee

R. Evan Ellis Panelist

Assistant Professor, National Defense University

Tom O'Donnell Panelist

Professor, New School University

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