Megan Lewis

Consultant, Ventus Executive Solutions




Megan Lewis is an operations manager in the aerospace industry and a VES consultant, with expertise in submarine warfare, strategic deterrence, and nuclear power operations. While in the Navy, Ms. Lewis supervised teams of 25
personnel to perform daily maintenance and operations of the nuclear reactor, submarine life support systems, and various other mechanical systems. She was a leader of a submarine piloting team and nuclear control room team, accruing more than 3,000 hours of control room experience. Ms. Lewis performed several high-risk test programs that culminated in her team controlling the first powered operations on a newly refueled reactor. She managed the communications, chemistry, and radiation controls divisions and reinstated the first ballistic missile launch training program for USS Maine following a three-year period of inactivity.

Ms. Lewis earned her BS in applied mathematics from the US Naval Academy and her MS in operations research from George Mason University. She is the recipient of the Navy Commendation Medal for service on board USS Maine and the Submarine Legacy Award for performance at Naval Nuclear Power School.