Counterbalance #56 | Lessons of the Forgotten War

Peter Rough Hudson Institute
Peter Rough Hudson Institute
Senior Fellow and Director, Center on Europe and Eurasia
Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Peace and Security in the Middle East
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The Korean War is often referred to as the “forgotten war” by Americans, happening somewhere between World War II and Vietnam. But the one belligerent who hasn’t forgotten about the Korean War is China. Congressman Mike Gallagher and FDD Senior Fellow Aaron MacLean sit down with co-hosts Peter Rough and Mike Doran to talk about their recent Foreign Affairs article, “Why America Forgets—and China Remembers—the Korean War.”

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Counterbalance is a Hudson Institute podcast hosted by Senior Fellows Michael Doran and Peter Rough. As America's unipolar moment fades, Rough and Doran explore the emerging global order.