Counterbalance | Ep. 51: Inside the Digital and Informational Trenches with Ukraine's Yuri Sak

Peter Rough Hudson Institute
Peter Rough Hudson Institute
Senior Fellow and Director, Center on Europe and Eurasia
Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Peace and Security in the Middle East

This week, Peter Rough and Mike Doran welcome Yuri Sak, senior advisor to Ukraine’s minister of defense, to the podcast. Yuri is the brains behind the social media and messaging operation of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense, and he tells Peter and Mike about the dynamics of communicating to friendly and hostile audiences alike during a time of war.

About Counterbalance:

Counterbalance is a Hudson Institute podcast hosted by Senior Fellows Michael Doran and Peter Rough. As America's unipolar moment fades, Rough and Doran explore the emerging global order.