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Trump's Best Re-Election Bet: Run Against China
President Trump speaks during his daily coronavirus briefing in the White House, April 7.
Mandel Ngan/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

Trump's Best Re-Election Bet: Run Against China

Walter Russell Mead

November may still be a long way away, and the coronavirus has thoroughly scrambled American politics. But it’s increasingly clear that President Trump’s likeliest path to re-election runs through Beijing. With the economy in shambles and the pandemic ravaging the country, making the election a referendum on China is perhaps Mr. Trump’s only chance to extend his White House tenure past January 2021.

Why Beijing? In the first place, because Americans increasingly disapprove of its behavior. In 2019, before the coronavirus stormed out of Wuhan to shake the world, 57% of Americans already had an unfavorable opinion of Beijing. The most recent Gallup poll, in February 2020, put that at figure at 67%.

But Americans go beyond distrust of the Chinese government. In a recent Pew poll, 68% of Republicans and 62% of Democrats considered China’s power and influence a major threat to the U.S.

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