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How to Equip Ukraine to Break the Black Sea Blockade

Bryan Clark & Peter Rough

Since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, the Biden administration and other Western governments have been excruciatingly careful...

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Without a Major Shift in US Energy Policy, European Resistance to Russian Aggression and the Transatlantic Relationship Are at Risk

Thomas J. Duesterberg & AngΓ©lique Talmor

Europe is facing a serious economic downturn, with industrial production and real wages both falling rapidly and factories in key industries such as c...

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Will Europe's Energy Crisis Trigger Another Wave of Refugees from Ukraine?

MΓ³nika Palotai & KristΓ³f GyΓΆrgy Veres

As summer months kick in and air conditioners are cranked up, heating is hardly on anyone's mind. Yet energy scarcity in Eastern Europe coupled with m...

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