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Venezuela on Fire: The Trump Administration Faces Crisis in Latin America

Revolution and Civil Unrest: Lessons From Venezuela and Syria

Delivering Democracy in India


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Trump holds off on new North Korea sanctions

Patrick M. Cronin

In an interview with CNN’s Brian Todd, Patrick Cronin discussed Kim Jong Un escalating tensions in response to new U.S. sanctions against Chinese comp...

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ISIS’s Final Battle Will Not Blot Out Its Brutal Legacy

Lela Gilbert

Whether or not ISIS’s perverse future intentions fail to materialize, their brutal legacy will live on for generations in the shattered lives and recu...

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Don't Give Jihadi Brides Victimhood Status. Try Them.

Nina Shea & Farahnaz Ispahani

They threw their support behind a terror group that the U.S. government officially designated as responsible for religious genocide against the Middle...

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