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The Islamic State's Religious Cleansing and the Urgency of a Strategic Response featuring remarks by His Eminence Cardinal Dolan

As military plans are being laid for an offensive to liberate Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, from Islamic State militants, this conference focused on the policies and strategies urgently needed to help the Middle East’s vulnerable religious minorities.

Leading the discussion was Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, and Hudson Distinguished Scholar Walter Russell Mead. They were joined by experts from multiple pontifical humanitarian agencies, writers, and noted experts.

Nearly a year after the Islamic State swept through northern Iraq and enforced its convert-or-die ultimatum, tens of thousands of Iraqi Christians and members of other ancient religions remain in encampments in Kurdistan and neighboring countries. They subsist on international humanitarian aid and their children lack access to education. Many are losing hope of ever returning to their homes and, with few options to resettle within the region, many are seeking to leave.

Is there any hope that these Christians and other religious minorities can remain in the Middle East?

Read a transcript of Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s seven point plan to end persecution of Christians.


His Eminence, Cardinal Timothy Dolan Featured Speaker

Archbishop of New York

Walter Russell Mead Featured Speaker

Distinguished Scholar, American Strategy and Statesmanship, Hudson Institute and James Chace Clark Professor, Bard College

Nina Shea Speaker

Senior Fellow & Director, Center for Religious Freedom, Hudson Institute

Kenneth R. Weinstein Speaker and Moderator, Importance of Grand Strategy

President & CEO, Hudson Institute

The Reverend Benedict Kiely Moderator, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity


Mark L. Movsesian Panelist, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

Frederick A. Whitney Professor & Director, Center for Law and Religion, St. John’s University School of Law

Sarkis Boghjalian Panelist, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

Executive Director of Aid to the Church in Need—U.S.

Michael J.L. La Civita Panelist, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

Communications Director, Catholic Near East Welfare Association

His Excellency, Bishop Gregory John Mansour Moderator, Remarks by His Eminence Cardinal Timothy Dolan

Bishop of the Eparchy of Saint Maron of Brooklyn

Samuel Tadros Moderator, Policy Solutions

Senior Fellow, Center for Religious Freedom, Hudson Institute

Kirsten Powers Panelist, Policy Solutions

Columnist, USA Today and Author, The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech

The Reverend Johnnie Moore Panelist, Policy Solutions

Author, Defying ISIS and Co-Founder, The Cradle Fund

Mindy Belz Panelist, Policy Solutions

Editor, World Magazine and author of a forthcoming book on Iraq

Joseph Kassab Panelist, Policy Solutions

President & Founder, Iraqi Christians Advocacy and Empowerment Institute

Hudson Experts

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