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Violence and Terrorism in Latin America in a Global Context: An Overview
Members of the Bolivarian National Guard clash with anti-government protesters in Caracas, Venezuela on July 20, 2017 (Carlos Becerra/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)
Photo Credit: Carlos Becerra/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Violence and Terrorism in Latin America in a Global Context: An Overview August 24th Event

With several nations undergoing or on the brink of crisis, the socioeconomic conditions that have led to the rise of terrorist organizations in other regions of the world exist in many parts in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. At present, terrorism in Latin America is not as widespread as it was in the 1960s and 70s. However, pervasive criminal violence continues to overwhelm many Latin American societies and the frontier between criminal violence and political terrorism could be easily blurred. What exactly should public institutions and civil societies do to preserve and promote liberal democracy when faced with these circumstances?

On Thursday, August 24, Hudson Institute hosted an event on the conditions in Latin America. Ambassador Jaime Daremblum, a senior fellow at Hudson Institute, moderated a discussion with Ambassador Javier Rupérez, Javier Lesaca, and Gustavo Tarre. Ambassador Rupérez, a former Spanish diplomat, addressed overall trends in political violence in Latin America. Mr. Lesaca, a visiting researcher at George Washington University and author of the recently published Armas de Seducción Masiva, assessed the communication strategy of violent and extremist groups in crisis-ridden states. Mr. Tarre, a Venezuelan attorney and non-resident senior associate at CSIS, analyzed the situation on the ground in Latin America, focusing on specific countries and regions at risk.

To view Mr. Lesaca’s slides, click here.

To view Mr. Tarre’s slides, click here.


Ambassador Javier Rupérez Speaker

Spanish Ambassador to the U.S. (2000-2004) and Assistant Secretary General & Executive Director, United Nations Security Council Counterterrorism Committee (2004-2007)

Javier Lesaca Speaker

Visiting Researcher, George Washington University

Gustavo Tarre Speaker

Visiting Professor, George Washington University and Senior Associate (Non-resident), CSIS

Ambassador Jaime Daremblum Moderator

Senior Fellow & Director, Center for Latin American Studies, Hudson Institute

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