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Chinese Influence Operations in the Democratic World
(Photo credit: Christian Petersen-Clausen)

Chinese Influence Operations in the Democratic World June 20 Event

Under the leadership of Xi Jinping, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has invested an estimated $10 billion per year projecting its influence into the politics of overseas democracies. Key to this effort is the United Front, a “magic weapon” strategy that seeks to build mutually beneficial relationships with well-placed western business men, political officials and donors, and members of the Chinese diaspora community in order to make the “foreign serve” the CCP goals.

Two notable and well documented examples of the United Front strategy are Australia and New Zealand, whose politics, media, academia, and business life have been successfully targeted by Beijing-linked individuals and organizations, primarily through financial means. Weak campaign finance rules, a lack of alternative, independent funding for academic Chinese studies programs, and limited revenue options for cash-strapped media outlets have all contributed to Australia and New Zealand’s China problems. And the United States is a major target of CCP influence and interference operations, as well.

This important geopolitical challenge is examined in a comprehensive new report by Hudson Senior Fellow Jonas Parello-Plesner. On June 20, Hudson held a review and discussion of the report’s findings and recommendations.

To view the slides from today’s presentation, click here.


Jonas Parello-Plesner Speaker

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian Speaker

Security Reporter, The Daily Beast

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