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The New START: Its Impact, Its Future

December 5, 2010 marks the one-year anniversary of the expiration of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) between the U.S. and Russia. While Presidents Barack Obama and Dmitriy Medvedev signed the follow-on New START agreement this past April, it has yet to be ratified by the Senate, raising serious questions about the treaty’s future. What impact does the treaty have on American national security? What is the likelihood that New START will be ratified? How would ratification or non-ratification affect broader U.S.-Russian relations.

Richard Weitz (co-chair), Panelist

Hudson Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Political-Military Analysis

Andrew Semmel (co-chair), Panelist

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Nuclear Nonproliferation

Brig. General John Adams (USA Ret.), Panelist

Deputy US Military Representative to the NATO Military Committee

Steve Biegun, Panelist

former Executive Secretary of the National Security Council and currently Vice President of International Governmental Affairs, Ford Motor Company

Ambassador Steven Pifer, Panelist

Director, Brookings Arms Control Initiative

Hudson Experts

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