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Russia's Presidential Elections: Putinism 2.0 or Better?

The Russian presidential election scheduled for March 4 poses yet another challenge for the legitimacy of the Putin system. The Kremlin is still recovering from last December’s fraud-ridden parliamentary elections that triggered unprecedented protests in major Russian cities. Even if Putin wins reelection, he will face serious obstacles simply resuming the policies he pursued as president from 2000-2008. But are he and his regime capable of moving beyond Putinism?

Hudson Institute held a discussion of the meaning of the election results and what they signal for the future of Russia and its relations with the United States.

Richard Weitz, Moderator

Hudson Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Political-Military Analysis

Andrei Piontkovsky, Panelist

Hudson Visiting Fellow and Russian political scientist and author

Leon Aron, Panelist

Resident Scholar and Director of Russian Studies, American Enterprise Institute

Glen E. Howard, Panelist

President, The Jamestown Foundation

Hudson Experts

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