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Breaking up is Hard to Do: Corporate Restructuring as an Antitrust Remedy

Enhancing U.S.-Japan Cooperation: A Conversation with Ambassador Hagerty

Caught in the Crossfire: Balancing EU relations with the U.S. and China


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US Needs India as an Ally Against China and Can’t Afford to Bully it Over Iran Oil, Trade

Aparna Pande

Washington cannot penalise India on the economic front and expect New Delhi to collaborate with the United States on the Indo-Pacific front. ...

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Welfare and Debt: A Moynihan Assessment

Christopher DeMuth

If Pat Moynihan were still with us today, he would be impressed by our comprehensive rejection of constraint....

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Trump Takes Aim at Caracas and Havana

Walter Russell Mead

Russia hopes to repeat in Venezuela the humiliation it inflicted in Syria....

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