Casey Michel

Former Adjunct Fellow, Kleptocracy Initiative


At A Glance:

Casey Michel was an adjunct fellow with Hudson Institute's Kleptocracy Initiative, where his work covers corruption, illicit finance, and trans-national money laundering.


Casey Michel was an adjunct fellow with Hudson Institute’s Kleptocracy Initiative. Michel is also an American writer and investigative journalist who covers corruption, illicit finance, and transnational money laundering. He is the author of American Kleptocracy: How the US Created the World’s Greatest Money Laundering Scheme in History, which The Economist named as one of the top five books to read to understand financial crime. His writing has appeared in Foreign Affairs, Financial Times, The Atlantic, Washington Post, The Guardian, National Review, and Politico Magazine, among many others.

He has worked, written, or consulted in the past for the Financial Transparency Coalition, German Marshall Fund, and Nuclear Threat Initiative, among others, and previously served as the senior investigative/Global Magnitsky fellow with the Human Rights Foundation. He received his master’s degree in Russia, Eurasia, and Eastern Europe studies from Columbia University’s Harriman Institute, and previously served as a Peace Corps volunteer in northern Kazakhstan.